The Best Prices for Used Cars and Towed Away at Your Convenience.

Adelaide Cash 4 Cars, operating in Adelaide, South Australia, offers top dollar for your used car and free tow away.

As a company, honesty and integrity are our top priorities. We’ve never tried to swindle a customer and have paid up to $9,999 (depending on condition) for any make of car – Toyota, Ford, Civic, BMW, Holden, VW, Nissan, you name it!

We save you time searching for buyers online by making a free quote offer, regardless of condition. Running or not, damaged or pristine, we’ll make you an offer and even handle the free tow away at your convenience.

What Makes Cash for Cars with Free Tow Away Services Your Best Choice?

Sell Your Car Fast & Easy with Free Tow Away

We understand that getting cash for your car quickly and conveniently is a top priority. That’s why Adelaide Cash 4 Cars makes the process fast and hassle-free. We can often make you an offer over the phone based on your description, or you can send us pictures for a more detailed quote. Plus, once you accept our offer, we’ll handle the free tow away from your location anywhwere in Adelaide.

You Get Unbeatable Prices

At Adelaide Cash 4 Cars, honesty and integrity are our core values. We understand that selling a car, especially when it’s not in top condition, can be stressful. That’s why we offer a fair and transparent process, ensuring you get the best possible price for your unwanted vehicle.

Here’s what sets us apart:

  • We Buy Any Car, Running or Not

Dented, damaged, or simply old? No problem. We’ll make you an offer regardless of the condition of your car.

  • Top Dollar Guaranteed

We value your junk car for its parts and scrap metal, even if it’s beyond repair.

  • Free Tow Away for Your Convenience

Don’t worry about getting your car to us. We’ll handle the pick-up at no extra cost.

Get a quick quote today and see how much your car is worth.

Instant Cash Payments

Many people struggle to make ends meet, especially when unemployed. Banks often require collateral for loans, leaving you with limited options. Instead of selling off valuables piece by piece, Adelaide Cash 4 Cars offers a quick and convenient solution. We pay you instant cash for your unwanted car, providing much-needed financial relief.

Free Same-Day Tow Away Makes Selling Your Car a Breeze

At Adelaide Cash 4 Cars, we go the extra mile for your convenience. Once you sell your car to us, we handle the towing absolutely free – no hidden fees, no extra hassle. Just like we don’t quibble about the condition of your car, we won’t make a fuss about picking it up. We offer same-day free towing, so you can turn your unwanted car into cash quickly and efficiently.

We Bring You the Paperwork and the Cash

At Adelaide Cash 4 Cars, your convenience is our priority. We bring the paperwork and instant cash for scrap cars directly to you, eliminating the need to visit our office. This way, you can sell your car on your own terms, without disrupting your busy schedule.

Eco-Friendly Car Removal & Recycling (Free for You)

Not all cars are road-worthy anymore. At Adelaide Cash 4 Cars, we’re committed to responsible car removal and recycling. Unlike some wreckers, we don’t let old cars rust away in junkyards. Instead, we:

  • Salvage Reusable Parts:

It extends the lifespan of valuable components and reduces the need for new production.

  • Recycle Scrap Metal:

We extract and responsibly recycle metals, minimizing waste and benefiting the environment.

The best part? You get this eco-friendly car removal service absolutely free


The best Cars for Cash and free Tow Away Services is not just a slogan for us. We do our best to offer you a prime experience and multiple fringe benefits. Not just did you get top dollar for your used cars, you also got your used, damaged, or even in the worst-case scenario, immobile cars towed for free. You also get us to come to you with the paperwork and the Cash for free at a time most convenient to you. Lastly, you get free wrecking and recycling services for your car. Does it look like we want our customers to be happy? Because we do.

If for any reason you want to sell your car, we are the people to call. Adelaide Cars for Cash is more than willing to facilitate you. Make the call now.